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Thank you,everything was in order- Glad there was always somebody available on the phone when I called and my boots arrived timeously!


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I was so amazed when I put in my order for my Ugg boots. They arrived on my doorstep so fast and we live out on a farm in the berg!! I am very happy with the quality of the boots and was bowled over by the speed of delivery!


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Wonderful, wonderful service. Will definitely use them again.


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Service was great, boots arrived promptly and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!






I love my Ugg Boots so much that this is the 4th pair I have purchased. They were delivered quickly & arrived in excellent condition. They fit perfectly & I wear them at every opportunity I have, which isn't too often in Summer (except when it rains) but during the Winter months I have a good excuse to wear them every single day.


These boots are so stylish but also hardy, I wear them everywhere, from social events to the stable yard. I absolutely love Ugg boots& will continue to buy them, I can't wait for my collection to grow & wish I could have a pair in every colour!

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Thank you for your amazing service. My ugg boots are fabulous and the online service was hassle free and I was totally blown away at the speed at which the delivery took place. I had my boots at my door within two days. I love them and know they will give me many happy days.





Fabulous service! Love my Ugg boots so far-thanks! Will def shop with you again!


Fast delivery and I am happy with my product




Bought my first pair on Saturday and I LOVE it! Worth every cent! Will definitely invest in more pairs


Jeanette Heasman, April 26, 2014